Friday, 25 January 2008


I made these acrylic paintings over the winter break. I was looking at a lot of art-books and trying to connect with Modernism, after all that clinical Contemporary work in the autumn.

Escape from Alcatraz
A big painting influenced by Vorticism and pulp, noir-ish illustrations
done as part of a perspective exercise I set myself.


Another painting that set out as a perspective exercise.
The only picture in this set based on drawings made outdoors.


A portrait exercise. I wanted to make one that included topical events.
I thought the subject was in Kenya at the time of the election chaos,
and the style is reverse-engineered modernism based om African masks.

C'ici c'est ne pas une guerre
Looking at Magritte's take on reality I tried to suggest the
of the presentation of the war in Iraq.
The American tank is isolated against
a CGI-ish,
video wash of un-meaning.

The Oath
Another portrait, this time from a magazine. An American soldier -
who was later killed in the conflict - takes his oath as a Marine.

Large abstract painting
I've always had problems with abstract art. Here I found a style I liked -

An exercise to suggest speed. I was reading a book on
Luc Tymans who doesn't really "do" speed - I think
he saw where all that Futurism lead so disasterously in the
20th Century. But there is something sad and still in even the
fastest car, and here it is - the new Audi.

Here I wanted to draw a right hand with my right hand and my left with my left.
It made me think of Ancient Rome (the twins?) so I put an eagle in.

This looks much better in real life. Again, I was thinking about
abstract art and how maybe there's a Rorschach thing going on-
all those pompous titles validating the amorphous blobs.
So I made this skull, and it has these
amazingly disgusting raised
veins that are again hard to get a photo of. A real plastic
horror-shop item and pretty big!