Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Quiet Path Between Two Rivers
An area of the Oxford University Parks five minutes from our studio is called Mesopotamia, the same name as ancient Iraq.

Meso1 Colour PAL DVD 5'10| (looped)

Tazeem in slow-motion kung-fu combat with herself

Meso2 felt-tip on A0 sheet

2003 American Forces Enter Baghdad

Click on image

Meso3 galvanized steel buckets, perspex, water
Apophemia - the perception of patterns that may or may not exist.

Meso4 12x60minute audio CDs in flat cases (detachable from wall)
The show was indexed by this sound mix contained in CD cases arranged in a grid on the wall to make up the PLAY LOUDER photo - these were given away.

Meso5 customized "punk" shirt featuring Iraqi ballot paper, barcoded gas-attack memorials

Sleeve and track-listing sticker of unlimited edition CD